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Martine Bellen Reviews Refrains / Unworkings in Rain Taxi

Rain Taxi Spring 2009

Rain Taxi Spring 2009

Martine Bellen, author of six collections of poetry including The Vulnerability of Order (Copper Canyon Press) and Further Adventures of the Monkey God (Spuyten Duyvil) reviews Paul Foster Johnson’s Refrains/Unworkings in the latest issue of Rain Taxi. You can purchase the Spring 2009 issue by following the link below:

Here’s a little sample:

“Paul Foster Johnson’s debut book of poetry, Refrains/Unworkings, reads like an accomplished symphonic cycle of musical threads that are sequenced to generate ghostly poetry framed within a narrative context.” Reading Refrains/Unworkings, we are reminded of how poetry and music must exist within space and time as they fight to rupture it.”

Be sure to visit the Rain Taxi site or your local bookstore and pick-up a copy!

Great New Review of Refrains / Unworkings

“. . . Just about all the contemporary poetry I like reminds me in some way of Ashbery, and Johnson is no exception, with lateral leaps aplenty, and the Ashberyean penchant for constructing sentences of perfectly ordinary syntactical relations and perfectly ordinary lexical items that nonetheless hover tantalizingly beyond the outstretched fingers of reference. . .”

For more, check out the blog, “Loads of Learned Lumber”:





Apostrophe poet Johannes Göransson will be reading with Joyelle McSweeney on Thursday, March 12th at 4:30 on the University of Wisconsin, (Madison) campus as part of the Felix Reading Series. Check out their site for more details: