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Our New Digital Platform Launched

Book Covers 2APOSTROPHE BOOKS has a new website: We’ll continue to use this site ( as our blog and for posting announcements, reading events, links to reviews, and maintaining our archive. However, our primary website and new digital home is HERE.

The Green Record by Carlos Lara is Now Available!!!


“Carlos Lara’s The Green Record erupts from prior time into the future. The spell of the language is cast by density, not unlike a blizzard of kelp magically seeded by an oneiric diver.”

— Will Alexander


Redefining and invigorating Surrealism for our current milieu, Carlos Lara’s book length poem explores the way in which language is always a kind of misprision, paradoxically ineffable and overdetermined, impenetrable yet luminous:

“I drag myself with amnesia through Dutch pastures

Compelling hunger and suffocation to swordfight with crystals

I am as alive as a mountain doused with goodness

a malady of owls in a Roman pantheon spraying angelic urine

an animal may find itself at the wrong end of the godspear or Oscar Wilde

translated into Farsi like an axiomatic snake the opposite sides of the mirror burn in the head”

Now available for purchase at SPD!