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Press Updates & New Links


Thanks to everyone who submitted during our open reading period. You should have received notification of your paid donation from PayPal already. Also, you will receive email notification from us indicating that we received your manuscript shortly if you haven’t already. Thanks again for your interest in Apostrophe Books. We hope to announce our decision shortly….

Our new projected publication date for Jessica Baran’s book, Remains To Be Used is now November 15th.

HERE ARE SOME LINKS about Apostrophe authors you might find interesting:

Joyelle McSweeney discusses the notion of “ambient violence” in regard to Johannes Göransson’s A New Quarantine Will Take My Place in Montevidayo. Here’s a sample:

“We live in an environment of total violence, it seems to me. Guns, trucks, carcinogens, sweatshop clothing, “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants,” predator drones, gay suicides, fraking, PTSD, gun violence in Chicago, corporations are persons, guns want to be free, and etc….” Click HERE to read all of it.

Catherine Meng has new poetry featured on the Omnidawn blog:

A review of A New Quarantine Will Take My Place in Cold Front magazine by Matt Soucy. It’s an interpretation that might prove to be somewhat provocative to other readers. Feel free to add send a response: